Pals Place with children and school building in background

Welcome to the PALS teacher and parent page


This page links you to background information that will help you understand the need for, and reasoning behind, prevention education. This information will help you feel more confident in your abilities to teach the PALS prevention materials to your students. Click on the buttons below to find out more about:

  1. Why preventing alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use among children with alternative learning styles and/or disabilities is so important. Download PDF

  2. How prevention is defined and the types of prevention programs available for communities, groups and individuals.Download PDF

  3. What other prevention resources are available on the internet for Teachers and parents that support the positive messages and activities of the PALS Program. These may include free brochures, posters, videos, and additional information. Download PDF

  4. How the five PALS units meet all the Ohio Department of Education standards
  5. How the PALS curriculum can be adapted to meet the different learning styles and intelligences of students. Download PDF

  6. Why the PALS curriculum generates positive results. Download PDF